My Poetry

All my work has a dark side. I find it makes for a more interesting read.

I've been writing poetry for around 15 years now. I like to take a simple moment in time, and find the beauty and poignancy within it. 


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Through a Verse, Darkly

ISBN-13: 979-8651533497

Have you ever admired the delicacy of a dead butterfly's wing? Do you notice when a stranger is no longer there? Or perhaps you pine for long-ago nights, filled with frantic kisses beneath neon lights? 


'Through a Verse, Darkly' is the first poetry collection from Reagan Lee Ray. Touching on subjects as diverse as dementia, murder, madness and lost love, this anthology is a journey through the mind of one woman who sees the world in a slightly different way. 


Each moment is captured in words, inviting the reader to stay and enjoy the beauty of darkness.  

The Last Levitation



stained and tangled,

top the mattress on the floor


peeling paint

falls from damp walls,

the flakes adding

to the carpet's debris


her needle, 

threaded with stars

sinks deep,

finding a vein


she is

a magician's assistant,


above it all,

body held in torpor


warm waves vibrate 

through emaciated flesh,

filling her 

with night skies 

and diamond breath


through cardiac pulsing,

brain sews glittered patterns 

as body gasps 

and strains


her last levitation

leaves her 

spent and extinguished,

sunken cheeked

and sallow skinned,


one pleasure

too far

Dear Diary


trembling hands

turn untainted pages,

salvation offered 

in their simplicity


the blankness

calms her,

their purity cleansing

the sins she holds as her own


she breathes -

a previously forgotten thing


pen scratches surface

and all is left behind,

the callous hands,

barbed tongue,

the shame and the fear


the lost innocence


telling the diary

all that she is powerless to stop,

all that she cannot say,

she trusts in the silence 

of the book


wrapped safe and hidden

as she wishes she could be,

she leaves her pain 

in black and white